How To Hold a Chicken (A Look at Holding & Carrying a Hen & Other Chickens)

Looking to learn how to hold a chicken?

This post, which includes 2 videos, will show you the proper way to handle these delicate creatures.

You’ll learn how to support their body and legs, and how to hold them close to your body so they feel secure.

After reading this post, you’ll be able to confidently pick up and hold any chicken!

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Do Chickens Attract Rats? (+ How To Lure a Rat Away From Your Hens & Other Chickens)

Do chickens attract rats? It’s a common question that many people have, especially if they are considering getting chickens for the first time.

In this post, we’ll explore whether or not chickens actually do attract rats.

I’ll also give you some tips on how to keep rats away from your chicken coop if you are worried about them.

So read this post to find out everything you need to know about keeping your chickens safe from rats!

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Disadvantages: Keeping Chickens (Wondering About the Pros & Cons of Owning Chickens? There Are Some Disadvantages! Here’s a Look at the Drawbacks of Raising Hens & Other Chickens)

For many people, chickens are a fun and rewarding pet. But there are some disadvantages to keeping chickens that you should be aware of before deciding if they’re right for you.

This post will explore those disadvantages and help you make an informed decision about whether or not keeping chickens is right for you.

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