Can You Eat Serama Chicken Eggs?

If you’re a chicken raiser or enthusiast, you might have heard of Serama chickens.

These tiny birds, originating from Malaysia, are popular for their small size and cute appearance.

But one question that often arises about these chickens is whether their eggs are good to eat.

In this post, we’ll explore the answer to this question and more. …Read this guide!

What Can Chickens Eat From the Garden?

Contents: What Can Chickens Eat From the Garden? What Garden Vegetables, Herbs, Grains, & Fruits Can Chickens Eat? What Can Chickens Not Eat From the Garden? Conclusion: What Is the Best Thing To Feed Backyard Chickens? What Garden Vegetables, Herbs, Grains, & Fruits Can Chickens Eat? There are many garden vegetables, herbs, grains, and fruits … Read more

Vitamin Deficiency in Chickens

In practical terms, identifying any single nutrient as the cause of a particular deficiency is difficult because most nutrients have multiple functions, many nutrients interact with one another in complex ways, and most signs of a deficiency apply to more than one nutrient. Further, a deficiency may not result from a lack of nutrients in … Read more

Can Chickens Eat Salt

Despite being an essential component of blood and other biological fluids, salt (sodium and chloride) is only needed in very small amounts. All the salt a chicken requires is present in commercial chicken feed. However, chickens raised on pasture who eat mostly vegetables and grain might need a salt supplement. Loose salt (not rock salt) should always … Read more

High Protein Foods for Molting Chickens

A small amount of extra animal protein in your chickens’ diet will aid your chickens in molting and enhance the appearance of show birds because chicken feathers are 85 percent protein. The amino acids a chicken needs during a molt are abundant in animal protein compared to the protein found in grains. Below are some excellent … Read more

Homemade Chicken Feed

Making your own chicken feed can be a difficult task. It includes having a good understanding of the dietary requirements of chickens as well as the nutritional quality of the available feedstuffs that can meet those requirements. If you choose to make your own chicken feed, you may either buy each ingredient separately or grow some of … Read more

Crumble vs Pellet Chicken Feed

To give their flocks the basic nutrients needed to create a balanced diet, using a commercial chickenĀ feed is the simplest approach for the majority of chicken keepers. Pellets Typically, chicken feed intended for older chickens comes in the form of compressed pellets made from a mixture of ground-up essential nutrients. Because every pellet has the … Read more

Chickens & Water

Water is a crucial component in any balanced chicken diet. A chicken’s body weight is made up of 50% water and an egg’s weight is 65% water. A few of water’s many crucial jobs is to transport nutrients throughout the body, remove metabolic waste, and keep the body cool through evaporation. Minimum Water Needed A … Read more

Do Chickens Need Oyster Shells and Grit? (A Look at What Hens & Other Chickens Require in Their Diet)

Chickens are interesting creatures and many people don’t know that they need more than just food and water.

But they also need grit and oyster shell.

Grit helps chickens with their digestion, and oyster shell provides them with calcium so they can lay strong eggs.

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What Do I Feed My Chickens After Chick Starter? (Poultry Food: A Look at Feeding Chicks, From Starter Feed to Grower Feed + What Chicken Feed To Give Hens)

If you’re wondering what to feed your chickens after they’ve outgrown chick starter, this post is for you.

In it, I’ll share some expert tips on what to look for in a chicken feed, and how to make sure your chickens are getting the nutrition they need.

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