How To Stop Chickens From Eating Eggs (Stopping & Preventing Hens From Egg Eating)

Contents: How To Stop Chickens From Eating Eggs How To Stop Chickens From Eating Their Eggs How Do You Know Which Chicken Is Eating Eggs? Why Do Chickens Eat Their Eggs? Conclusion: Preventing Chickens From Destroying Their Eggs How To Stop Chickens From Eating Their Eggs If you have egg-eating chickens, you have a serious … Read more

Chickens & Imprinting

Imprinting, which happens to chicks on their first day of life, is the foundation of a chicken’s relationship with people. Imprinting occurs when a newly hatched chick identifies its parent or other significant individuals in its environment within a few hours after hatching. The chick will then attempt to mimic the behaviors of these individuals, … Read more

Chickens & Pecking Order

The pecking order has a major role in chickens’ social relationships. Chickens naturally form social hierarchies that can be observed in their behavior. The top chicken, known as the “alpha,” enjoys privileges such as first access to food and water and a choice of sleeping areas. Lower-ranking birds must defer to the alpha bird when … Read more

What Does It Mean for a Chicken To Be Flighty?

When it comes to chickens, there is a common notion that they are flighty creatures. In other words, they are known for being easily startled and skittish. But what does it really mean for a chicken to be considered flighty? The term “flighty” refers to the way in which a chicken reacts when faced with … Read more

Chickens & Stress

A chicken, like all living creatures, has a certain amount of energy to deal with daily tasks and only enough extra energy to adapt to minor uncommon events or moderate changes. Stress happens when events or changes are so frequent or extreme that they quickly deplete the chicken’s energy, leaving too little energy for everyday … Read more