Do Chickens Attract Snakes? (A Simple Look at if a Snake Is Attracted to Hens & Other Chickens)

Do Snakes Hang Around Chickens?

Do Snakes Hang Around Chickens?

Some people believe that chickens attract snakes, but is there any truth to this claim?

Let’s take a closer look:


It’s usually small rodents in your yard and coop, like rats and mice, that are sources of food for snakes.

Fewer rodents mean your yard will be a less attractive hunting spot for snakes.

Keep your property rodent-free by:

  • Stop Feeding Rodents: Rodents will be attracted to chicken feed, treats, and water that you leave around your backyard. Store chicken feed in locking lid cans made out of galvanized steel (Amazon). Also, consider using treadle feeders (Amazon) to keep pests away.
  • Clean Backyard: Rodents love backyards with plenty of covered hiding places. The fewer places to hide, the less attractive your yard and chicken coop will be for rodents. Keep your grass cut short, bushes trimmed, and your yard free of dead leaves and brush piles.
  • Rat Traps: Set rat traps (my favorite is the AB Humane Animal Trap on Amazon). Just please be careful that any trap you use won’t hurt your chickens or chicks!
  • Cats: Consider adopting a cat. It might not directly help with your snake issue, but it’ll love to hunt those pesky rodents.


It’s also a good idea to collect the hens’ eggs regularly so the snakes aren’t tempted to eat the eggs.

Keep your eggs locked securely. A nesting box with a lock is essential as large snakes can easily lift the lid to get to those eggs.

Chicken Coop

Snakes might also want to hang out in the chicken coop for shelter. Snakes may use chicken coops as a refuge from predators and harsh weather conditions.


Chicks have sharp beaks and can peck at snakes, making them a less than ideal meal. However, it’s still possible that a snake could eat one of your chicks, so it’s important to snake-proof your yard and chicken coop (post).

Do Snakes Fear Chickens?

It turns out that snakes don’t have a particularly strong fear response to chickens. However, they will avoid them if possible because chickens can peck and injure snakes.

So while some snakes may not be afraid of chickens, they certainly don’t want to cross them.

That being said, smaller snakes will rightfully fear chickens much more since some chickens will attack and eat them.

Will a Snake Try To Eat an Adult Chicken?

Most snakes are actually too small to cause any harm to adult chickens. Often, snakes are more of a danger to chicks and they’ll also eat the eggs.

But deaths and injuries still do happen, like when a snake tries to swallow the chicken by the head and gives up because the chicken is too big for it. Or, depending on where you live, certain venomous snakes can pose a threat to your flock.

Conclusion: Are Snakes Attracted to Chicken?

Snakes are a common fear for many people, so it’s natural to wonder if having chickens will attract them to your property.

The short answer is maybe.

Chicken coops can attract snakes if they provide the snakes with a food source, shelter, or both.

However, there are some things you can do to discourage snakes from taking up residence near your chickens. Lucky for you, I wrote a post on how to keep snakes away from chickens, which includes how to have a snake-proof chicken coop and yard!