Chicken Coop & Disinfection

A chicken coop and any associated equipment can typically be effectively sanitized with just a thorough cleaning. (In this instance, sanitizing is defined as bringing the microorganism population down to a manageable level.) Cleaning agents like soap and detergent do not serve as disinfectants, but after the coop’s dirt and waste have been fully cleaned … Read more

How To Clean a Chicken Coop

What Is the Easiest Way To Clean a Chicken Coop? Cleaning a chicken coop can be a daunting task. But, with the right knowledge and supplies, the process doesn’t have to be labor intensive. In fact, with a few simple steps, you can keep your chicken coop sparkling clean in no time at all. It’s … Read more

Chicken Coop & Lime

During coop clean-outs, it has long been a tradition to sprinkle agricultural lime on a dirt floor in an effort to mask aromas, but this practice really has the opposite effect of what was intended. Lime is alkaline, and an alkaline environment is ideal for the bacteria that create ammonia. Lime speeds up the release … Read more

Fenced Yard for Chickens

Chickens may safely enjoy the sunshine, fresh air, and exercise they require in a fenced-off yard. Each chicken should get at least 8 to 10 square feet. But if you only give them the minimum amount of room, you’ll quickly see how rapidly hens can trample the greenery by picking it up, pecking at it, … Read more

Best Ground Cover for Chicken Run

There are many materials that can be used on the ground in a chicken run but, after 30+ years of keeping chickens, my favorites are dirt, sand, and peat moss. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, so I use them in different spots of my very large run. Dirt If you’re like me and … Read more

Chicken Coop Ventilation

An improvement in chicken coop ventilation may be needed if respiratory issues in your chickens reoccur. The number of bacteria, particularly those that cause airborne infections, is diluted by fresh air. Effective ventilation eliminates moisture and suspended dust without creating a draft. Avoiding frostbitten combs and wattles in the winter and preventing the development of ammonia fumes … Read more

Chicken Coop Litter

Litter, often known as bedding, serves to absorb moisture and excretions from the flock. Adding litter to a coop’s floor is an important part of a chicken coop because it helps to keep the coop clean and dry, which helps prevent diseases in chickens. There are many different types of litter that can be used … Read more

Chicken Coop Floors

The difficulty in maintaining the health of backyard chickens living in a chicken coop is the buildup of parasite and microbial populations after years of continuous use. The simplicity of cleaning is the most crucial component of any chicken house. If cleaning up is difficult, you won’t do it as frequently as you should, which … Read more

DIY Chicken Coop Plans (A Look at Planning, Designing, & Building Chicken Coops for Hens & Other Poultry With DIY Instructions)

Contents: DIY Chicken Coop Plans My Favorite Chicken Coop Plans What Is the Cheapest Way To Build a Chicken Coop? Recycled Materials Build It Right the First Time Keep It Simple What Is the Best Layout for a Chicken Coop? Conclusion: Most Popular Chicken Coop Plans My Favorite Chicken Coop Plans Building a chicken coop … Read more