Can You Eat a Chicken With Marek’s Disease?

Experts [RES] say that the virus cannot survive in the chicken’s muscles, so meat from chickens with Marek’s disease is safe for consumption.

However, the cutaneous (skin) type of Marek’s can cause internal and external tumors in chickens, both of which can be very unappealing.

Can Humans Get Marek’s Disease From Chickens?

The answer is no – Marek’s disease cannot be transmitted to humans.

Marek’s disease is very specific to the avian species. So, it’s not a problem that you will get Marek’s disease from your chicken if you eat the meat.

However, it’s still important for anyone who works with poultry to practice good hygiene and safety protocols when dealing with them.

While Marek’s disease does not pose any risk of transmission from birds to humans, there are other avian diseases that can be contagious between species.