Chicken Coop Ventilation

An improvement in chicken coop ventilation may be needed if respiratory issues in your chickens reoccur.

The number of bacteria, particularly those that cause airborne infections, is diluted by fresh air.

Effective ventilation eliminates moisture and suspended dust without creating a draft.

Avoiding frostbitten combs and wattles in the winter and preventing the development of ammonia fumes are two other significant advantages of excellent ventilation


Providing an adequate flow of fresh air may require a fan to move out stale air and bring in fresh air.

To tell if the chicken coop would benefit from a fan, stir up dust by scuffing your foot in the litter. Then, wait 5 minutes for the dust to settle. If dust is still hanging in the air, the coop is not adequately ventilated.

Unfortunately, a fan designed for use in your home won’t last long in the dust and humidity generated in a normal chicken coop.

You can search “barn fan” or “agricultural fan” on Google to find a suitable fan.

Also, it’s a good idea to purchase a fan that can produce around 5 cfm per chicken.