7 Safest DIY Chicken Coop Plans You Can Build This Weekend at Home (Detailed, Step-by-Step, Instructions That Are Easy to Follow, Designs Perfect for Big or Small Homesteads + FREE Tips on Raising Backyard Chickens!)

Contents: DIY Plans for Chicken Coops Why You Need Need These Chicken Coop Plans (DIY This Weekend!) Who Are These Step-by-Step, Building Instructions for? (Are These DIY Plans Easy to Follow?) What You Get With These Plans: DIY Instructions to Build Your First Chicken Coop Bonus: FREE Tips on Raising Backyard Chickens! Don’t Like These … Read more

Backyard Chicken Supplies: A Supply List for Beginner Chicken Keepers (Feed, Chicken Coops, Feeders, Waterers, Basic Needs for Baby Chicks, & More Poultry Care Essentials!)

Contents: Chicken Supplies Essential Poultry Supplies You Need to Raise Backyard Chickens Chicken Coop & Run DIY Chicken Coops Buying a Pre-Made Chicken Coop or Kit Chicken Coop: Supplies You Need Inside Chicken Coops: Predator Proof Locks Chicken Feed (Healthy, Quality Feed is Essential!) Poultry Grit Oyster Shells for Backyard Hens Chicken Feeders Storing Chicken … Read more