Closed Flock Chickens

Each flock is exposed to a unique combination of diseases, which results in the development of a unique set of immunities within every flock.

Because of this, mixing chickens from 2 flocks that are both in perfect health can cause them to contract diseases since they have different immunities.

The easiest strategy to prevent illnesses after your flock has been formed is to maintain a closed flock.

If your flock is a closed flock, it means that no other bird comes into direct or indirect contact with your chickens.

If you keep your flock closed, you:

  • Never mix chickens that came from another place.
  • Never add some new chickens to your flock.
  • Once a chicken has been elsewhere, you never bring it back to your property.
  • Never borrow or lend poultry/farming equipment.
  • Never hatch eggs you got from another place.

If you do visit other flocks:

  • Put on rubber boots that you can clean and sanitize later.
  • Or, have rubber boots that stay at the other chicken farm.
  • Or, put disposable overboot covers.
  • Or, place heavy-duty plastic bags over your shoes and fasten them with strong rubber bands.

Ask other flock owners who come to visit you to do the same.

Although you might feel overly cautious, following the tips in this post can stop a devastating outbreak from spreading from one flock to another.