Wow! Easiest DIY Chicken Coop Plans for 6, 12… Up to 50 Chickens!

Are you looking for the easiest DIY chicken coop plans on the planet?

Do you want a coop that will house anywhere from 3 to 50 backyard chickens and keep them safe from coyotes, foxes, raccoons, snakes, hawks, weasels, and other predators just waiting for a chicken dinner?

If so, you’re in the right place! Keep reading.

Easiest Chicken Coop Plans EVER!

I weirdly know a lot (too much?) about chickens… and eggs (yum). But when I had to make a decision about whether or not I was going to build my first chicken coop, I knew only one thing…

I know NOTHING about carpentry!

Making scrambled eggs?… Check! No problem.

Hatching Eggs?… Pffft. I’m a pro chicken keeper, baby!

Taking care of sick chickens?… Been there, done that… got the t-shirt… and the pants to match.

Building anything out of wood?…

Pffffft… Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! NOPE! Never.

But wait… just a second.

That all changed when I kept on hearing about the supposed “easiest chicken coop plans in the world”. It was to the point where I had heard about it enough that I thought…

…If I can build a chicken coop, anyone can.

And so I did. I followed these “easiest coop plans in the world“. They’re chicken coop plans created by Bill Keene, and… well… people were freakin’ right!

ANYONE can build a chicken coop! Even me! I’m not even kidding!

I even actually went a little crazy and built three coops with runs with the help of my assistant, Muffin my Ameraucana hen. What can I say. Coops make AMAZING gifts and I might go into the chicken coop making business… who knows).

* I’ll be uploading pics of my coops really soon!

“Building a Chicken Coop” by Bill Keene

“Building a Chicken Coop”, an eBook written by Bill Keene, is jam-packed with chicken coop plans that were made for someone like me… someone who just never cared to make anything with wood until I saw the prices of chicking coops (ouch).

You’ll be amazed at how easy and AFFORDABLE it can be to build your own chicken coop. One of my chicken coops is a mansion for chickens. It’s HUGE. I think it would have cost me at least a thousand dollars to buy it premade (because it’s super high-quality). But it only cost me a little over $300 (mind you, I already had the tools from the first chicken coop I made).


Before I blabber any further, below is a video by Bill Keane just to explain what his chicken coop plans are (the video will open in a new window).

Screenshot Image of the Video ""Discover How to Easily Build an Attractive and Affordable Backyard Chicken Coop""
Video: “Discover How to Easily Build an Attractive and Affordable Backyard Chicken Coop”
(Video opens in another window.)

No matter what your budget, no matter how small or large your yard is, and no matter how many chickens you want (up to 50 chickens), you can build a chicken coop to fit your needs and style.

Building a coop or run may seem like a difficult project at first. But with these plans, you don’t have to figure out the details about dimensions, materials, insulation, ventilation, lighting, and all of that other complicated stuff.

This eBook is really made for people who don’t know anything about carpentry or anything about what a chicken coop really needs in the first place.

Really, the plans were so easy to understand and complete, I wish I would have built my chicken coops sooner!

As an added bonus, this downloadable guide also includes information on how to properly care for your chickens so they have productive and happy lives. Score!

What You Can Expect

Here are a few of the things you can expect from the “Building a Chicken Coop” eBook:

Chicken Coop Plans
  • These easy plans include small, medium, and large coops and runs in all kinds of designs. Manage up to 50 chickens!
  • It also includes instructions and plans on how to build a portable chicken coop ark (chicken tractor).
  • You’ll get helpful tips on how to set up your building site and choose your materials.
  • You’ll be making a coop and run that keeps your chickens safe from foxes, raccoons, coyotes, cats, hawks, and so many other predators. (VERY important!)
  • You’ll be building a chicken coop that’s easy to clean and automatically collects eggs.
  • You’ll get expert tips on roofing, flooring, walls, windows, doors, nesting boxes, and perches.
  • You’ll learn how to design a coop that will keep your chickens warm, even when it’s super cold outside.
  • These easy, simple-to-follow coop plans are designed specifically for beginners who have never held a hammer in their life (like me). And you’ll only need simple tools.
  • Save lots of money! Pre-built coops have to be assembled anyway, so you’re really just paying big bucks for the materials.
  • These downloadable chicken coop plans allow you to print off as many copies as you need. Each plan is available as an individual PDF. Or skip the printing and view it from your tablet or laptop.
  • And more!

Bonus Information Included

Are you an absolute beginner chicken keeper?

Bill shares A LOT of information that will help you become a pro chicken keeper in no time. You’ll be learning from someone who’s got years of experience in the poultry industry.

Bonus information includes:

  • Advice on how to pick the right chicken breed for your climate, space, and the required amount of eggs.
  • How to raise happy and healthy chickens, so you can get the best-tasting eggs around.
  • Learn about foods that can potentially harm your chickens.
  • Want to raise baby chicks too? Get expert tips on how to breed chickens and how to take care of chicks!
  • A list of nine chores you must perform every day, monthly, and annually in order to keep your chickens healthy, happy and laying tons of fresh eggs.
  • Learn what to do when you chickens are sick. You’ll also learn about the two most common health problems chicken get and how to cure them.
  • And more!

Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re still not convinced that you can make these simple (but super cute and SAFE) chicken coops, then you can always take advantage of Bill’s 60 days – 100% money-back guarantee.

Download the eBook, review the plans, and if anytime in the next 60 days you decide it’s not for you, simply request a refund!

So, go ahead and visit Bill’s website, click on different pages, and see what his expertise has to offer you and your chickens.

It’s risk-free!